The Attraction Factor – A Guide for Long Relationship by Jamie Hirsch

Mar 22 2018 by Jamie Hirsch Category Music Views

The Attraction Factor is a book narrated by Jamie Hirsch is a book for you to provide you relaxation and assistance in making the view of life. You will learn a lot more to live life happily.

When one meets other (a prospect), getting attracted to the superficial, concrete elements, the voice, height, dress sense, physical features and a number of other things matter. These are the attraction factors that draw attention and make people able to get close and realize this person is amazing beyond what one got attracted to in the first place. These points draw attention and one becomes ready to commit them to the relationship. However, not long after this, attention received and all you see is the amazing qualities in this new catch that your partner lacked.

Committing to one is a good way, but it is also important to learn about the abstract elements to one another’s attractions peculiar to the prospective partner so as to find a meeting point.

According to the Psychological Association, 40-50% of married couples in the United States get a divorce. The major social problem has resulted in creating more psychologically damaged children – lack proper parental care. However, a question comes into Mind, “Why Do Most marriages in the US fails in the first few years? The Answer is simple as “The Attraction Factor” is being downplayed. You need to go through the books and discuss with the experts to make some changes in your life.

The Attraction Factor – a book and experience of Jamie Hirsch is the key to success. It is without any doubt a precise assistance and solutions provided the famous author Jamie Hirsch, is the way for you to know about them and teach who to attract others.

Jamie is an author, a keynote speaker, a businesswoman, an uplifter and an encourager. Jamie – as a marketing strategist, Jamie has been helping companies transform their business. She has a passion for inspiring younger women to be independent and attain the same freedom – gained through her journey and experience. It is starting your own business and being the best at what one does, she believes God and confidence can take a woman far in life. She has two published books, Jamie is on a mission to bring out the best in others to uplift inspire and give. In order to inspire other to find breakthroughs in relationships – holding them back from going further in life, she believes that one should not be concerned, or hold on to anyone – walked away from them with the concept of “Let Them Go.

Jamie is passionate about helping children and less privilege by contributing her time and resources to multiple organizations.