Themed Birth Day Party - The Best Gift To Your Kid

May 13 2017 by Splash Pal Category Arts & Crafts Views

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The Tradition

Your child is your replica in miniature. The day he or she was born was the most memorable one for you.  In order to rededicate that momentous event, you celebrate the birthday of your kids. Irrespective of caste, creed, race or nationality, celebration of birthday of kids has become a universal feature. As per the Western culture, kids birthday parties are celebrated by adopting certain basic tradition. The kid cuts the bread, blows out candles of his or her age, all participants sing in a chore “Happy Birthday to you”, the kid eats the first piece of cake and  all greet the kid with their respective “birthday gift’.

These traditions are even followed in Egypt; including Dubai. Besides these traditions, the party is followed by merrymaking, eating of savories, dinner, dancing, playing and socializing. With the advent of ‘event management’, companies in Dubai are offering different themes for celebrating Kids Birthday Party.

In Dubai, the event management companies are offering different packages for celebration of birthday of your children. By browsing over the net, you can identify different birthday themes and select the best Themed Birthday Party, suiting to the occasion, your social circle and of course, your budget. The following are few of them.

1. Fire Station
The birthday boy or girl heads to the virtual fire station, along with the guests, meet the firemen, explore the station, have delicious food and even go for a ride; putting the continuous siren, blue and red lights on.

2. Posh Paws Petting Farm
The birthday child and the guests can be in the close company of pets like goats, rabbits, ponies, baboons, porcupines and ferrets. The kids get engaged in feeding these pets and even riding on ponies.

3. Alphabet Party
Alphabet blocks are used for a first birth day celebration.

4. Bumble Bee Party
This is a honey bee theme that creates a buzz about the party. You can distribute invitation cards, shaped as honey bees and can have a black and yellow color scheme for decoration of the place of celebration.

Bug Out party
Bugs are crawly and creepy insect like creatures. The event management company provides fake rubber faux bugs. Guests are served with celery, stuffed with cream cheese and peanut butter.

5. Mad Science
Kids are asked to create bubbling potions, making bouncy ball, getting slimmed, building periscopes and making putty. This is suitable for children aged between 5 to 12 years

6. Dubai Drums
Kids are dressed in African costumes and are made to drumming and making musical performances in African style.

7. Desert Chill
Kids are made to rush out of celebration venue to meet the ice cream van, exactly when the song, accompanied by music start chiming, “Happy Birth day to you”

8. Me & Riley
It involves puppet shows, magic shows, face painting, storytelling, fancy dressing and the best performers are awarded with prizes.

9. Splash N Bounce
This is exclusively a pool party and can be celebrated in a garden also. The entertainment includes arts & crafts, balloon modeling; accompanied by Dragon Obstacle course.