Artificial Intelligence in India is reaching a matured state as the hype sinks

Feb 11 2019 by Angela Hooper Category Business Services Views

AI is probably going to leave the world of fantasy and be known for what it is, a technological phenomenon that can assist and augment human workforce

AI that is artificial intelligence has had a tremendous roll all over the world. Indians among others have concerned themselves with the concept of AI in various levels. From playing with virtual assistants to plotting stories of machine domination we have done it all in the offices at colleges, on the blogs and on social media. As 2019 is underway AI is probably going to leave the world of fantasy and be known for what it is, a technological phenomenon that can assist and augment human workforce. Yes, it has possibilities far beyond this but they are all science fiction until they are realized.

Time to kill the hype

However, this article is not aimed at making artificial intelligence less interesting on the contrary it aims to focus on the aspects of human life that can be immediately affected by AI. First we need to do away with the notions that artificial intelligence is going to take away our jobs and rule the world and other such propositions. Also we must realize that machine learning and artificial intelligence are no magic wands that can turn a business on its head overnight or secure a nations border in on day. Nevertheless it can catalyze the processes positively.

AI to become more human

One of the most important subsets of AI as far as its business applications are concerned is natural language processing. It has come a long way and we have the virtual assistants that can somewhat understand our oral commands. Now, the challenge is to make these systems more human. The systems are rational but they also need to take heed of human emotions as expressed through choice of words or tone of speech. Speech synthesis has a long way to go until businesses can totally rely on automated customer response units.

Survival of the genuine

The masses are forming a better understanding of the workings of AI powered systems. In the opinion of Eyal Gura, CEO and co-founder of Zebra-Med, an AI medical startup, it is about time that the firms throwing around terms like AI and machine learning run astray. The companies with robust plans of AI incorporation will start seeing the results. With AI powered data analysts getting currency companies will actually start getting heft returns on their investments in artificial intelligence.

In openness we trust

In the last few years we have seen that technological giants like Google and Amazon have opened doors to the developers of the world. Google made their machine learning framework Tensorflow open source thus forming a synergic relationship with the coders around the world. Amazon started machine learning courses to garner better talent. Facebook has recently turned deep focus into open source. All these projects going open source shows us the all inclusive tendencies of the tech conglomerates.

Call to action

Artificial intelligence courses in India are immensely important so that we are not left behind. Bipin Rawat the Chief General of Indian army has recently declared his opinion about how India should focus on incorporate AI and big data in the defence system to match the likes of China. This can only happen if the Indian youth readily joins the AI bandwagon.