Nichrome India LTD - Consumers Want it all in Snacks Packaging

Aug 16 2017 by Nichrome India Category Industrial Views

Nichrome offers powder packaging machines that offer specific packaging solutions for the packaging of Detergent and chemical products. Horizontal packaging machines

As brands roll out new snack products to compete on retail shelves; as small, unorganized namkeen makers invest in packaging to expand their reach and market, consumers and manufacturers have a long list of expectations from snack packaging. They want packaging that is shelf-stable, hygienic, contaminant-free, portable, single-serve, eco-friendly, easy-to-read, attractive, functional and innovative.

Obviously, snack packaging cannot fulfill every expectation but Nichrome’s snack & namkeen packaging machines come close. As a reputed and experienced snacks packaging machines manufacturerNichrome manufactures snacks packaging machines that preserve the snack in its original form, flavor and freshness. After all, the real enjoyment of snacking comes from its crunch, its crispiness.

Nichrome’s Packaging protects and maintains the inherent fragility and odd shape of the snack — whether it is a thin potato chip or a 3D snack or puffed snack. That too, right from factory until it reaches the consumer.

Nichrome’s Snackpack and Namkeenpack automatic snack packaging machines deliver speeds of up to 150 packs per minute. Servo-technology helps to reduce and eliminate technical errors in this snacks packaging machine. The gas-filled pouches provide protection for brittle snack products such as potato chips, while the vertical concept of the packaging solution helps to speed up the process. They allow easy format changes to produce CSPP and gusseted pouches of different sizes besides perforated chains of smaller, single-serve pouches.

The potato chips packing machine also provides various innovative and integrated snacks packaging solutions for a variety of products like chips, chivda, puffed snacks, namkeen, biscuits besides wrapped candies, breakfast cereals, pasta, seeds, dry fruits, etc.

Namkeenpack also offers a variety of seal patterns such as Broad Seal with D Cut, Euro Slot, V-notch and V Serrated Edge. This gives snack manufacturers production flexibility and the convenience of packaging snacks in various styles and sizes according to marketing strategies, regional preferences, serving sizes and dietary needs − with just one machine.

Nichrome is one of the top snacks & namkeen packaging machine manufacturers in India. Based in Pune, Nichrome offers international quality snacks packing machines that deliver higher speed and maximum accuracy ensuring minimal product wastage. The machines are easy to operate, changeover, maintain, and clean.

As any Nichrome customer will verify, Nichrome delivers a first-rate machine at a reasonable price. Nichrome has a good service department and its technicians are involved in all phases of the installation, training and machine start-up.

To improve your snacks business, contact Nichrome at www.nichrome.com