Working With the Best in Finance and Management Services for Clarity

Dec 09 2016 by Selim Fendi Category Management Views

Most European and American companies are interested to deal with finance and management services by companies, with strong background in the given business.

Especially in the mining sector, there should be clear path from the mines to the refinery. This path is being charted by Selim Fendi, presently based in the United Arab Emirates and working for Noble Precious Metals as the sales lead.

Leading the work of financing the mining industries, Selim has been active in this company since the last 15 years, with experience that counts for the clients and customers. In the mining industry, especially in the precious metal business, the features of trust in the financing and managing company have lots of bearing for the right growth pitch. This is being looked into by Selim Fendi, who belongs to the US and knows the market as a Mining Advisor in different parts of the world.


·         Clean dealings in financial and precious metal processes

When companies are dealing in mining, they want prior faith in the agency handling the finance and management services. This has to do a lot with the way the deals are finalised about the mining process and the certification of these metals. In the field of gold mining, this faith is more important. Selim Fendi recognises this aspect of the business in the mining sector, due to which he has garnered the trust among his company’s business associates from across the world. Also, it is important to deal with clients who are interested for transparent and clean dealings as the market is gradually shrinking due to mismatch of demand and supply. Large economies of the world are interested for clean metal products. So, they want to deal with a mining advisor who arranges the financing in the cleanest way possible.


·         Transparent and quick dealings in the mining sector with different companies worldwide

All the dealings by Selim Fendi have been quite transparent in all his years of work at high positions in the Noble Precious Metals DMCC. So, plenty of mining companies know about his penchant for quick dealings with proper clarity. For this company also, he has been actively involved in almost all the processes involved in the mining and financing of the mining capital. Arranging the finances for the mining industry has also been his forte since the last decade or so. Due to the penchant for recognising the companies with which the deals would be finalised, he is sought by many organisations especially handling the mining finance and management services.


·         Sharp acumen on precious metal financing industry with good returns in the past for the dealing companies

It has been long years of experience in the field of finance and management services that Selim Fendi is liked by and sought by many companies. His financial acumen is quite sharp with highly skilled management services in the role of Selim Fendi Mining Advisor. There have been many organisations, which have got his advisory services with handsome returns on the investments. Above all, his role as a great stickler to fair practices and proper advises has helped companies warm up to him for precious metal financing advices.