Five Useful Tips to Save Cost of printing with Canon printers

Dec 08 2017 by Amy Baker Category Computer Tips Views

Canon printer customer support phone number 1-800-834-1377 provides the best chances for users to get some useful tips for saving the cost of printing in the simple ways.

Business enterprises or tiny commercial units print limitless copies of documents to carry out their regular business transactions. And such practices increase ultimately the cost of entire business company. But with the help of smart printing steps, they can save the cost of printing and decrease the cost of whole business.

Switch on Dual Printing Mode-

Canon printers are provided along with dual printing technology to print any type of document on both sides. Switch on duplexing of prints to utilize both sides space of document to decrease the number of papers. If you don’t have knowledge how to set up canon printer on dual printing mode, you should call at toll free Canon Printer Tech Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for instant responses.

Switch on Draft mode to decrease Resolution-

Most of the Canon printers by default print documents at 600-900 DPI and when you switch on draft mode the document will be printed with 300 DPI that will decrease the cost of toner. If you do not have idea to switch this mode on, you should call at  Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for quick help. Online printer experts are always available to help you anytime for any kind of technical difficulty.

Print documents in Black & White-

Switch off by default mode from color to black and white to inspire users to print documents mostly in black and white prints, until and if not colored printed document is thoroughly needed for someone. And with the help of helpline service number, you can apply useful tips to save your printing cost.

Manage color printing of Papers-

If you try to print any document with a wide combination of colors, it increases the cost of printing but you can limit only color usage with the help of activating color tracking technology to manage color output on each document. If you face any type of issue, you can call online technical support team for quick help.

Use a smaller amount ink consuming Fonts-

There are numerous popular fonts such as Arial, Times Roman, Calibri, Verdana and Century Gothic consume less ink while printing any type of document. Leaving only Verdana, remaining four fonts explained above needed around 30% less ink to print documents compared with other commonly used fonts. If you have any technical error regarding this step, you must call at Canon Printer Customer Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 to get connected with printer experts to get immediate technical assistance within few seconds.