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Managing company files efficiently is one of the important task to grow your company with high rate. And it can be easily done with QuickBooks accounting tools.

If anyone owns a business then account is the first thing that has be take care of. With proper accounting no start-up or well developed business can stand for long. Accounting is the major part for any business to grow even in the restricted resources. To provide standard accounting experience, Intuit developed an accounting software called QuickBooks. QuickBooks is the largest used accounting software in the present time.

QuickBooks is full of amazing features that are essential for efficient bookkeeping. It comes in various version like Desktop, online, cloud hosting, POS, payroll, enterprise, self-employed. User can choose any of them according to their use. Managing Users is one of the main and initial part of QuickBooks. So let’s begin the steps through which accountant can easily manage its users. If you have any doubt or query with in these following steps, you can contact to QuickBooks enterprise Support for further help.

Adding a new user:-

1.       Go to manage user menu and then go to new users setting.

2.       Then choose user type and set its access rights (with access right you can restrict users access in QuickBooks tool. Choose Alto grant for unrestricted any user).

3.       Then now time to set administrator rights (with this you can restrict or permit any user to modify company files and info).

4.       Enter its email ID and then exit with Finish adding user.

Deleting a User:-

1.       Choose the same manage user setting.

2.       Highlight the user or multiple users you want to delete.

3.       Then select delete on bottom right and confirm the confirmation box with YES

Changing User’s information:-

1.       Go to the same manage User section

2.       Highlight user that has to be change

3.       Select the edit button at right bottom

4.       Update the necessary details and click save.

Note: - You must be Admin to Add, delete and update user

These are the basic steps to manage users in QuickBooks. If anyone still faces any difficulty or any unknown error while managing users, then contact to QuickBooks help and get instant solution from the QuickBooks experts.

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