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Dec 07 2017 by Jason Dodd Category Information Technology Views

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The world is going mobile. Don’t take the meaning literally, though. It’s just a reference to the mobile devices that are everywhere. It just isn’t possible to go without one anymore and this need isn’t  limited to just  communicating with the world at large, either: from being entertained to remaining informed, you are likely to come across an app specific to your needs. All you have  to do is download and install it. 

Well, the mobile app developer Boise today is worried, not only about designing and developing an app for his target audience, but also being able to keep them interested. Making the app available to the general public is one of the prime issues to contemplate during the process of mobile app development Boise and elsewhere.

However, getting it included in a playstore or several stores will not be the end of your worries as a development either. You do need to think about the art of retaining the mobile app within the device of the user. Remember, that today’s public is an impatient lot who will think nothing about deleting it at the first sign of something amiss. Trying to get the customers to re-install your app is definitely a tall order. There is very little chance of being successful when burdened with such a task. 

The best way to avoid deletion of your app from the mobile devices is surely possible when you develop it in accordance with the wishes/needs of your target audience. Here are a few inputs that are likely to help you in creating a fool proof app that has absolutely no possibility of being uninstalled from a user’s smart phone or tab. Check…

Track usage details- Sure, your app comes loaded with features but are your users using all of them? Do try to get the data about the features that are used the maximum and tweak the design just a bit so that the more attractive features are right in the front or located in the center. It might also help to replace the content if any with new content that is in keeping with the interests of the target populace.

Reasons for un-installations – Research deeply into the cause and try to make amends. Give them apps that are not cluttered in any manner so that user can go straightaway to his / her coveted feature. You may find some seasonal uninstalls too. Find out about the app that is replacing yours and check it for the things you had missed. Learning from your competitors is definite to save your app from more rejections.

Incentives – Well, there are no free lunches in this world. This works for the latest apps too. So, be prepared to provide discounts and incentives to prospective customers by offering them coupons or rebates on the next app. Free gifts are sure to be a big hit too and you will soon find you app being downloaded frequently.

Push notifications are certainly worth it but do use this with caution. The statement about less being more is valuable when it comes to informing the consumer. Use it sparingly and then only when you have something to offer that will enhance the value of your app.