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McAfee erstwhile called Intel Security cluster is Associate in international pc security software package company that provides cybersecurity solutions for each businesses and customers.

How to Fix Mcafee won't Uninstall?
It's been weeks since i've been wanting to remove Mcafee off my computer, and i can't do that. Right now when i try to get mcafee running i get a "white screen," and some how it blocks a new anti virus i want to install on my computer. I know the firewall doesn't work either, but resolving the problem of the "white screen" is a major concern. After spending money on mcafee over the past years i'd really want to move away from this disabilitating program.
I can hardly believe it, but minutes after posting my plea for help above, I found the McAfee removal tool.  (I've been searching for about a year and had even bought a new laptop because I couldn't use this one with the alert windows blocking everything.)
The instructions said that it is important to remove the McAfee software first using the Windows Add/Remove Programs interface. Since that did not work for me (dead Remove button) no matter how many times I tried it in Safe or Normal mode, I tried the MCPR tool anyway. 
Lo and behold!  It worked.  Or seems to have.  I had to use Regedit to get rid of the Mcafeeupdater entry, but the rest seems to be gone.  I am relieved.  The link to the tool is here:http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS101331 I'll update this entry if there is any aftermath.
The methods for the McAfee Livesafe won’t uninstall:
Log in using the email address associated with your McAfee user account (the email address you provided when you first signed up) and your password. Click “Log in” to access your account.
 Deactivate the licence.
Navigate to the My Account page. Here you will find a list of the computers registered to your account. Select the tab for the computer you wish to deactivate.
Look for the “Details” section of the computer. There you should find the “Deactivate” button.
A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to deactivate your license for this computer. If you are sure you want to do this, click “Deactivate’’.
Once deactivated, you can reuse the license on a different computer, whether you are buying a new one or just wish to protect a different computer you already own. 
Click on the Start button.
Select the Settings menu option.
-> On Windows 8 Swipe In from the upper right corner of the screen and tap Search.
-> Enter “Control Panel” in the search box and click on Control Panel.
-> On Windows 7 or Vista click on the Start button and then click on Control      Panel.
 Method 3: Navigate to uninstall
Select System > Apps & Features.
Select McAfee Internet Security and then select Uninstall, and follow the prompts and directions on the screen.
-> On Windows 8, Navigate to View by and select Large Icons, tap or click Programs and Features, select McAfee Internet Security and then click Uninstall and follow the prompts or directions on the screen.
-> On Windows 7 or Vista select Programs > Programs & Features, then McAfee Internet Security and finally Uninstall and follow the prompts and directions on the screen.

For More Detailed Steps Visit Fix Mcafee won't Uninstall And See If That Works To Fix Your  Problem.

In Case If You Wish To Contact Mcafee Tech Support Call 1-844-813-3268