Really Going to Big App!! IGTV (Instagram TV) App is there to Show More

Jun 22 2018 by Super Admin Category Reviews Views

With the new features and exciting a lot of things to do, Instagram has recently launched a whole new app that is said to be IGTV. This app is directly going to crack the video shooting market. Having over 1 billion users over Instagram, the developer and the CEO of the company has decided to launch a new application providing more things to do in it. Unlike previous thoughts, you can now serve yourself more in doing the works and have more things to do in the same manner.

IGTV is having a lot of features that in the application, you would able to log in with your current Instagram account and will able to access all the friends that are having over Instagram. The new feature that this application is bringing with it that it has a longer video recording length that means you would able to post a longer video. The length of the normal video is something about 10 minutes that will surely give you a better data and will allow you to shoot more of your video. This is a standalone video app that allow you shooting videos.

Special features for certified customers

For the customers who are certified and are using Instagram for a long time, this will surely be beneficial that they would able to record more than from 10 minutes. The video will be related to anything you like but the length of the video will be near about 1 hour. Yes, the length for some people has been increase drastically to 6 times more than the regular user of Instagram and the IGTV app.

Just create your channel and go

In IGTV app, you just need to create your channel and as you create the channel, you will start yourself to use that application and upload videos on the app. The procedure of creating the channels are as easy as it could be. You just need to go to the settings and under the setting option, you just need to click or tap on the options create. This will surely create your channel on the information based you have provided.

Get a really fresh home skin

In the application, you would surely have a great skin for your application. You won’t have to click on any video or tab because the app will just start playing the videos as soon as it starts. You can even swipe for popular, friends or community videos for knowing more.