6 Must-have Features of an Effective Fitness App in healthcare

Jul 14 2018 by Ritesh Patil Category General Views

With the advent of smartphones powered with powerful and user-friendly OS’ like iOS and Android, the modest mobile has been now transformed into a powerful personal tool

Today’s world revolves around smartphones. Gone are the days when people used to pay their bills and carry out errands manually. With the advent of smartphones powered with powerful and user-friendly OS’ like iOS and Android, the modest mobile has been now transformed into a powerful personal tool which can be used to carry out almost any task an individual might want.

In order to develop a health and fitness app in healthcare application development sector, there are certain features that you need to consider:

  • User Profile: To develop a fitness app, the user profile should contain relevant information, such as weight, age, gender, and height. This data baseline will help users analyze their achievements correctly.


  • Tracking different physical Signs: with this feature, you can let users measure the number of steps taken, monitor the pulse, count sleep hours, and so on. Along with that, there is no need for external devices to implement this feature. Google Fit and HealthKit can provide information on the health indicators series to enable you to use this data. But to develop the more advanced app, you can consider interacting with external devices, as well.


  • Push Notifications. Push notifications play a vital role in the fitness apps. For example, if users are not using your app for a while, these notifications remind them about it. You can provide push notifications in various ways like tell users that it’s time to measure pulse, get ready for the gym, and other similar activities.


  • Gamification: If you want to know the way to make your app a success and source of money, we might help you with an answer. While developing a fitness app, one thing that you should keep in mind is that along with attracting new users, it is necessary to retain existing ones. One of the best ways to achieve this is the socially-game element because people enjoy all types of entertainment. Hence, it is a great approach to provide users with an option to mix business with fun. This is the point where you can put all your creativity and come up with some interesting suggestions for this game element. For example, develop a fitness app that includes conditional progress levels, each characterizing certain user’s achievement. Along with that, try to keep some rewards like discounts, bonuses for the users who reach a new level.


  • Social networks Integration: today, in almost every app, social network integration has become an indispensable condition to ensure app success. The reason behind is simple, every 1 out of 2 people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platform. With this stat, there is a high possibility that the option of sharing their health progress with friends and family in social networks will be loved by everyone.


  • Diet features: this feature will help users follow diet complement for fitness and take proper nutrients even if one is dedicated to their workout plans. Adding one simple feature like steps measurement or calorie counter is not going to affect the cost of fitness app development significantly, rather it will add bring profit to your business by adding weight to your service.  


The functionality you will add in your app depends on the cost of fitness app development that you’re willing to pay. To decide what else you can add to your mobile service, consider consulting with the medical app developers whom you have chosen, they might help you compare budget with your requirements.


The fitness industry is evidently a hot commodity right now, and the industry is only said to grow in coming years. This is why if you are thinking to create a fitness app, you should do so quickly in order to amass popularity for the apps and reap rich dividends from this venture.