7 Tips to Staying Safe and Preventing an Injury in Your Yoga Class

Dec 29 2018 by Manmohan singh Category Exercise & Fitness Views

Like any other activity or workout regime it is also essential to safely practice yoga. Read the article and avail the tips to have an incredibly safe, fun, and enjoyable yoga class.

Yoga is an incredible practice of the body, mind and soul, a practice that has taken the fitness industry by storm. Like never before, yoga is immensely popular today becoming one of the common exercising regimes, and likewise, yoga-related injury is also on the rise. A wrong body posture, deep-bends, curling, etc. if not done correctly can land you in an emergency ward and refrain you from the practice of yoga for days or maybe months. Injuries are of course not good for health, but yoga practice is highly beneficial for overall well-being. 

So, to prevent the risk of injury and to practice yoga with utmost safety for a fun and enjoyable session, here are the seven tips to remember. 

Note: For more grounded knowledge and correct learning of the yogic art, enroll for Yoga teacher training in Nepal, India or at any other yogic places. 


#Tip 1 Go Slow but Steady

Your body and mind need time to adjust when you start any kind of workout, especially if you haven’t exercised for long or completely new to it. Yoga is a progressive practice, you need to start slow but be steady to grow, to reap the benefits and to prevent injury. Little is more in yoga, and gradually you can raise the pace, this way you can achieve all and stay safe, comfortable and maintain a regular practice.

#Tip 2 An Experienced Trainer

Practicing easy poses or pranayama at home is acceptable, but when you want to try difficult poses always seek the guidance of an expert. It is ideal to enroll in a yoga studio class or hire a private yoga teacher. Make sure that the teacher should be experienced, qualified, knows exactly what he/she is teaching and should be a certified one from a reputed Yoga Alliance Affiliated School. 


#Tip 3 Embrace the Limitations

Be under the guidance of an expert; it is always required that you take the responsibility of your body especially the area that is injured or needs healing. Every pose is packed with benefits, but it is you who need to understand what actually you will be able to perform. Be slow and ask for help to maintain a safe practice. 


#Tip 4 Be Honest with your Teacher

As mentioned, you need to be careful with the practice considering the body limitation, and for that it is advised to be honest and spill everything to your teacher. Apprise your teacher about any injury, physical limitation, areas of concern, your goals, and more. This gives you a clear vision of the practice and allows your teacher to design the session keeping in mind the limitations.


#Tip 5 Some Poses are not meant for you

It is true that yoga is for all, but there are some poses that everybody can’t perform due to certain reasons including being at the beginner level, physical limitation, injury, etc. Make sure to avoid certain poses if it’s uneasy or causes pain. If so, you need to tell your instructor about the same or can modify it in the way that intuitively feels more comfortable. You’re free to choose the poses and yoga styles as per your comfort.  


#Tip 6 Yoga is not a Competition

Understand and realize that yoga is not a race to win, and there are people who will always be superior in the practice like you are for many people. So, instead of taking the holistic practice as a competition and comparing yourself with others, you need to embrace yourself and your yogic journey. 


#Tip 7 Get Advanced Learning 

Once you get adjusted with the practice, take a step ahead in order to learn more and acquire the profound knowledge of the yogic art and practice yoga safely. Attend workshops or go for yoga tours, yoga training or yoga vacations in Nepal, India or Thailand, for attaining intensified learning of the holistic art.  This makes you learn yoga poses correctly and prevent any risks of injury. 

Grow into the practice without straining the body and mind, acquire the treasures of good health, and practice safely.