Know the Exceptional Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga and Its System

Mar 10 2018 by Rishikul Yogshala Category Exercise & Fitness Views

Explore the blog to know the exceptional benefits of Hatha Yoga.The word ‘Hatha’ is a Sanskrit term comprising of two words- ‘Ha’, means Sun (solar) and ‘Tha’, means Moon (lunar).

Hatha Yoga highlights the physical form of yoga- Asanas (Postures). The word ‘Hatha’ is a Sanskrit term comprising of two words- ‘Ha’, means Sun (solar) and ‘Tha’, means Moon (lunar). Hatha Yoga balances the opposite energies persistent inside us. Hatha, which literally means ‘force’ is an extension of the Yogic concept. It is a blunder to theorize Hatha Yoga as mere ‘exercise’. Hatha Yoga is a science that works towards building energy and further utilizing this energy for mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. It helps you can also gain higher conscience using your body.


Gear your body up to park the van of Hatha Yoga in your life. But, before you do so let’s have a knowledge of some of the many advantages of Hatha Yoga:

        Strengthens Immune System: Hatha Yoga bestows you with a higher level of immunity. In fact, the science behind Hatha Yoga and that behind Immunity is almost similar. Both are related to practice. The lesser you make negating use of your body, the more flexible it is likely to be. Hatha Yoga supplies your body an ample amount of energy formulated by the body itself so that it can fight the diseases firmly.

        Improves Back Problems: Hatha Yoga stretches out your spine. It gives the backbone strength. People having lower back pain should practice Hatha Yoga with earnestness. Back problems are very common among middle-aged and elderly people. They should make sure they practice Hatha Yoga every day.

        Physical Fitness: Because it is similar to the physical exercise, it proves highly effective in making one physically strong. Due to high sweating during its practice, there is no place for fats and cholesterol to exist in the body. Hatha Yoga which is all about Hatha, literally means ‘yogic force’. It makes our body strong enough to stop the hindrances of illness.

        Portability of the Joints: Because of lengthy workout, our joints tend to conceal. We must have felt some pain in the elbow joint after getting out of bed in the morning. Hatha Yoga improves the movability of your joints which aids lubrication of the joints and further, helps in doing any physical work easily. Hatha Yoga is highly recommended for a sports person.

        Boosts Mind Working: The asanas, including Adho Mukha Svanasana and Sethu Bandhasana, help increase the flow of blood inside your brain. This makes sure pure blood flows throughout the brain. It also provides our brain relief from Headache and Sleeplessness. For a prolonged working person, it is extremely recommended to practice Hatha Yoga.

        Reduces Heart Problem: Hatha Yoga has a huge impact on your heart. Hatha Yoga plays a significant role in pumping the blood in and out of the heart. It maintains equilibrium in the amount of blood to be pushed in and pulled out of the heart. It is highly beneficial for those suffering from Peripheral artery disease, Cardiac Arrest, high blood pressure, etc.


The story of Hatha Yoga and its benefits are not restricted to this. Hatha Yoga is all about complete well being. A person is benefitted not only physically but also psychologically. To understand the science behind Hatha Yoga’s role in good health one must understand the science behind getting ill. Behind every ailment, microbes (virus, bacteria, algae etc) play a great part. Microbes attack your body and sicken you. They disturb your body functioning. Hatha Yoga prepares you and your immune system to battle with the disease-causing microbes and helps you defeat them. In other words, Hatha Yoga is similar to a practice match where you come across the similar circumstances you might have to face in the final match (illness). Such is the effect of Hatha Yoga on one’s body. One can lose all the bad habits and lead a victorious life in the long run.