The Ways Taking a Yoga Teacher Training Can Transform Daily Practice

Jun 06 2018 by Devender Kumar Category Exercise & Fitness Views

Yoga teacher training programs come with a handful of great rewards but perhaps the biggest one is the gift of a meaningful, lifelong practice of the discipline. Read to know more.

The famous Sutras of yoga hearten one to establish a lasting practice. To be firmly rooted in the sadhana, one must attend to the cause for a long time, without disruption, in abundant faith and selflessness of service, with a loving heart. 

There is no crash route of establishing a practice. It is going to be a lengthy and involved process and thus logically, nothing quite takes the place of the daily routine of yoga. But there are no ends to the challenges one can come face to face within establishing this apparently simple sounding routine. 

What time is right for yoga and which sequences to begin and advance the tone and texture of the practice? How to manage and overcome the frustration and anger which ensues from not being able to do a pose by the book, failing to touch the nose with the toes may be? Also, how not to allow the pain from using long unused muscles affect your temperament? The nitty-gritty and challenges keep piling up, reducing the quality of the experience of one’s practice to a point where some choose to call it quits.

It is this very reason that you must undergo a thorough training at one point in the course of your practice, just to keep up at with in good spirits. What happens at a yoga teacher training that gives your practice an extra edge? We shall see—

All Asanas, Breathing Practices, and Meditation Techniques that You Know and Do Not Know are Revisited In Detail

The Magic of Hands-On Adjustment-Alignment Makes the Gaffes In Your Practice Go Away

A lot of enthusiasts come to yoga teacher training, their practices riddled with heaps of common errors. Some have their shoulders hunched in their down dogs, others tip their heads back way too far bringing a crunch in their lower back, doing the upward facing dog. In most forward folding postures, people tend to lose the alignment of their shoulders, assuming the ‘batwing’ blades and subsequently crunching their throats. 

The gaffes need to go and it will, with some beautiful hands-on adjustment-alignment done by the masters of the science.

Now You Shall Know Your Food for Yoga and Integrate the Goodness of Ayurveda In your Practice

A sister science upholding similar attitudes of holistic healing, nourishment, and spirituality, Ayurveda can be a complimentary lifestyle path for the yogically inspired individual. At a YTTC, you will be introduced to the optimum sequence for yoga poses, extremely rigorous to say the least about it, and that is why a sustainable nourishment routine too will be needed and it comes with all that Ayurveda stands for. There will be three Ayurvedic whole meals a day to have you nourished and happy, lots of herbed and spiced hydration to keep your digestive fire kindled, and excellent, rejuvenating body spas to maintain a cheery spirit.

Result? You come back braced with Ayurveda knowledge to complement your homespun yoga practice!

You Will Have a Foray In Human Anatomy and How Yoga Works In that Regard

Yoga is not a redundant subject by the understanding of modern medicine and Anatomy. Anatomical processes are reflective of yogic mechanisms and vice versa. To have a clear understanding of how forward folds work their way in invigorating digestive glands, you need to sit through the Yoga Anatomy classes at a yoga teacher training program.

Perfected asanas, ayurvedic goodness, and some clear scientific insight—taking a yoga teacher training can really change the direction and quality of your practice at many amazing levels.