What Are The Benefits Of Preparing and Preserving Your Food ?

Sep 25 2017 by welfarelabs ltd Category Nutrition Views

This article tells you benefits of preserving food like canning jars or freezing ziplocs of large amounts of cooked foods.Since most people are conscious of their health.

Do you find yourself at cross roads with canning jars or freezing ziplocs of large amounts of cooked foods? Do you often consider joining the preservation bandwagon but don't feel like you can keep up? Perhaps this article will help you out.

If you are not aware of the numerous benefits of home-food preservation, below are a few reasons to consider.

1.  Financially sound

Buying produce in season when it is cheap and plentiful for preserving can be an economical way to stock the pantry. And you may be surprised to know that those decadent jams that you drool over in the local upscale kitchen store can be reproduced for pocket change.

2.  Eco-friendly

The environmental impact is minimal when you can your own food. For starters, it reduces the waste associated with pre-packed foods; remember, those mason jars are reusable. Your tomato sauce is only traveling from the counter to the pantry instead of thousands of miles across the country on a truck belching out emissions. Those are just a few examples; Ms. Bone sums it all up very well.

3.  Health benefits


4.  Passion or recreation or hobby

You think knitters are passionate about their craft? People who are serious about putting food in jars are a more than worthy rival. We’re fortunate to have a handful of ardent home canners who share their love of home canning on their blogs. They help us remember that the experience of opening a jar of cherry preserves in January is more than just practical – it’s transporting.

5.  Gifting

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a jar of homemade plum preserves. Come Christmas time, home canners have the upper hand in the gift giving department, as a well-stocked pantry of jams, jellies & pickles ensures you have a solid backup plan to cover everyone on the list.

6.  Quality and taste

It is not personal preference, it is not self-delusion: no commercially canned product tastes as good as locally grown, harvested in season, homemade preserves! It is deeply rewarding to select your own produce – ensuring top quality – and to can it at its peak of ripeness. You can bet your bottom dollar that the flavor of your home-canned product will mirror the quality and care that went into making it.

7.  Necessity

When does anybody ever have time nowadays to cook thrice a day? Meal prepping and then preserving is necessary now. People can eat food the cook on weekends for upto a week or two even.

8.  Preparedness

Preservation increases the availability of various foodstuffs even not so easily approachable times. In other words, it makes the availability of food items easy even at weird hours. You can be prepared for emergencies and it will make up for the inability to cook food.