What Things To Consider When Taking Up Yoga Teacher Training?

Feb 05 2018 by Shwaasa Guru Category Exercise & Fitness Views

Understand the important factors that require utmost attention when taking up a yoga teacher training program.Yoga teacher training in India feeds you with traditional, spiritual and deep yogic wisdom

Embarking upon a journey of transfigurations and yogic exploration in the land of yoga--India is truly a cherished dream of many yoga enthusiasts.With yoga teacher training programs you route the way to self-discovery that ends with the divine desire to guide the others along the journey. Being a yoga teacher is all about increasing your inner strength, peace and developing your own voice in the world that enlightens a million lives. Therefore, when the pursuit of becoming a yoga instructor starts, a question always arises in the mind of the aspirants, “How to find a perfect yoga teacher training course that shall guide with the correct yoga practices, Yamas and Niyamas of yoga, and shall help dig deeper roots of the science of yoga?” Well, to solve your problem, we have curated a list of pointers that will show you the path towards an ideal yoga teacher training experience. Take a look at the pointers below:

1.Yoga Alliance Certified School: A Yoga teacher training program is designed to enhance your yoga practice, helps you develop a yoga routine and lays the foundation for an understanding of core yoga principles and practices. Therefore, taking up a yoga teacher training course from a certified school shall take you towards your desired aim. Registered yoga schools strictly follow the code of standards laid by the yoga alliance body that ensures comprehensive yoga knowledge to the students. Various yoga programs such as 200-hour, 300-hour and 500-hour yoga teacher training flourish under the banner of yoga alliance certified schools welcoming yoga practitioners of all levels. Therefore, enrolling in yoga teacher training programs in yoga alliance affiliated school ensures a unique, all round, intensive yoga experience.
2.Yoga Alliance Certified Curriculum: Registering for yoga teacher training courses with yoga alliance approved schools provide you with an opportunity to undergo a yoga alliance approved curriculum as well. A curriculum which perfectly blends the various aspects of yoga such as meditation, pranayama, adjustment and alignment, yoga nidra, etc., so that the students get an insight into each and every subject. The curriculum of several renowned yoga schools also offers teaching methodology classes that enable students to learn a pragmatic way of taking yoga classes for effective teaching.  A holistic approach to the science of yoga for a global vision is only possible when yoga schools diligently follow the guidelines set by yoga alliance in regard to curriculum delivery. Some of the leading schools also offer lessons about the healing science of Ayurveda.
3.Ideal Itinerary and perfect curriculum delivery: Registered Yoga schools in India ensure that the curriculum is kept diverse and is followed under firm disciplines by the eminent yoga teachers. The day begins with morning yoga practice, mantra chanting, and it progresses towards meditation practices and several yoga practices. The entire day concludes with a learning experience and heart-warming interactions with fellow yogis and teachers.
4.Food And Accommodation: If you are dwelling into a month-long intensive yoga teacher training program, then it is imperative that you are provided with a comfortable, cozy accommodation that helps you relax at the end of the day and wholesome food that satiates your hunger pangs. All this can happen if you take up yoga teacher training in India in a validated yoga school for an assured hygienic, homely stay along with healthy food.
5.Tour and Travel Facility: One of the biggest advantages of taking up yoga teacher training in India is that it is a land blessed with geographical variations, rich traditions, and cultural diversity. This gives you an opportunity to feed the historian in you, practice yoga while hiking and surfing all day and make your journey a memorable one.
So, earn your yoga teacher training certification from a reputed yoga school and start leading a more purposeful life.