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Mar 30 2018 by thetruepicture picture Category Politics Views

Over the years numerous studies have been conducted to find out how human response or their demeanour regarding the available news and its credibility.

Over the years numerous studies have been conducted to find out how human response or their demeanour regarding the available news and its credibility. A recent survey conducted by the Academics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found out that humans are more likely to share 'fake news' than artificial 'bot' account. While another study helped bring light to the fact that 'fake' stories and news are likely to spread faster than the truth itself. As per their studies, it takes six times longer for a true story to reach around fifteen hundred people as compared to a fake one. A single piece of news or any information has the power to cause misunderstanding, damage and could change the course of history. In times like these, an initiative such as The True Picture turns out to be the saving grace for the Indian society. Citizens of India who read, contemplate and get inspired by what's written about who and how on any form media, whether print or digital, are the ones who care about the truth and want things to change for good.

Problems faced by the journalism society

Whether it's the Indian Economy News, the Indian Political News or an update about sports or the entertainment business, each category needs well-written stories with accurate information to build and maintain their readership all over the world. This burden lies on the shoulders of a journalist. His fundamental responsibility towards the society is to present the truth and nothing but the truth. Data Journalism in India requires a journalist to focus themselves on finding what's essential, verifying the content through any reliable source, enriching the material and then disseminate the information to the public at large. With the help of their extensive media analysis India, the journalists try to develop a content that is not only free from any plagiarism but further makes sure that the material so written by them has the most accurate information. They have to make sure that the content is highly verifiable at any point in time and as it holds power to create problems in the society. Their robust fact-checking techniques help distinguish facts from rumour and gossip. Furthermore, the availability of volatile raw material has made this job quite tricky for everyone.



Solution as an extension to data journalism in India

To help the journalists and the internet users throughout the nation, The True Picture has developed a format which includes thorough fact check India facility. The extensive Media Analysis India done by them help present the truth behind the leading news and stories making rounds on the media. The True Picture act as an extension to the data journalism india as it helps bring out the actual story and help people make the most informed opinions, views or decisions. In data journalism india the fundamental requirement of the content written by a journalist is to be embedded with factual information along with the numerical data. This helps ensure the readers the authentication of the news whether it's the Indian Political News, Indian Economic news etc. Same is the case with The True Picture. Their primary goal is to facilitate general public with factually correct content along with infographics and numerical data. The most accurate and extensive fact check India and Media Analysis India technique used by them is helping them to climb the ladder of success in their respective field.