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For a long time, playing of the game of poker has been considered to be a gray area. Most of the governments around the world have declared it as illegal. However, the good news for the poker lovers is that in the recent times, there has been a slight shift in the way this game is viewed, and now it is being considered like any other form of entertainment. In India as well, it is now possible to enjoy online poker India, without having to worry about breaking any law.

However, it before to set out to join the numerous online poker sites available on the internet, it is important for you to understand how to play poker in India in a legal manner. Of course, the safest way is to choose the best poker site in India for enjoying this game, but while choosing this Best Poker Site In India, there are certain important rules and factors that you should take into account. Some of these factors have been discussed below:

Taxable Winnings

The first thing that you should check is whether the winnings that you make from playing online poker India would be properly taxed or not. All the legal and good poker sites deduct this tax at source, and make the balance payment to the players. If the online site is not deducting this tax at source, then there might be something fishy in its operations, and you should be a little wary of joining that site for playing online poker. It is only when you make proper tax payments on the winnings from the game of poker, that your playing of this game is considered to be legal. If you or the online poker site does not pay these taxes, then you would find yourself in major legal problems.

No Foreign Entity’s Involvement

Another important factor that should know about how to play poker in India is that the law in India does not give permission to the online sites to take any sort of investment from the foreign entities. Whether it is a foreign company or an individual, if they have invested money in any form in the running or the operations of an online poker site, then playing online poker India on this site would be considered to be illegal.

Proper Permissions In Place

When figuring out how to play poker in India, you need to know that the best poker site in India would be the one which has all the legal permissions necessary for offering this game to the public. There are numerous permissions that these sites need to obtain from various government agencies and RBI for their monetary transactions, and in the absence of any of these permissions, playing poker on these websites would be considered to be illegal. Therefore, this is the very first thing that you should check before registering yourself with any online poker site and ensure that the website has all the proper permissions required for playing poker online.

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