School In Sector 57 Gurgaon - What You Need To Know About

Nov 26 2018 by aditi sharma Category Economics Views

It''s the admission season of the year and you might be searching for the right school for your children.Here we have created a simple guide to follow some points while searching for school in Gurgaon.

It's the admission season of the year and you might be searching for the right school for your children. In prior days, it was a long process of visiting several schools, collecting brochure, talking to friends and family members and finally zero in on a particular school.

However, in this internet-driven world gaining admission at schools anywhere across the nation is quite simple and quick. The search gets better and sorted once you weed out on the basis of fee structure, faculty experience, closeness to your home, infrastructure, security measures and more.

Here we have created a simple guide for parents to follow some points while searching for a school in sector 57 Gurgaon.

The faculties

One of the major catalysts in your child's holistic development and growth would be the teachers who will impart quality knowledge and education to them. Very few parents focus on meeting the teachers and seeing the classes being conducted by them before going ahead with a particular school.

When you visit the school, you should ensure you pay more attention to how a teacher develops a bond with students, their experience, their approach and imparting skills and also the proficiency in the subject and experience.

Talk to a few teachers and ask questions about their teaching methodology, the number of students they teach per class and way of interaction, etc.

Not mere about books

Although, books would be an important medium to given education to your child, however, you should make sure the school shouldn't make your child bookworm and mugging lessons. See how much practical knowledge they give a child, the extra-curricular activities, the competitive resources like quiz shows, dance and music classes, etc.

Find out about the sport your child loves to play and see if the school has tie-ups with sports academy to let your child's future brighten. Your child should not just gain knowledge about things get a holistic development.

He or she should be active learner and player and keep their minds brimming with curiosity, confidence, and sharpness. Look for the vision and values of the schools.

The Safety

In today's time of unexpected crime levels, it’s extremely important you send your kids to schools that keep the safety on the top priority. Before you look for a cbse school in sector 57 Gurgaon, you need to see that learning space is children friendly, safe and sound infrastructure -classroom, pantry, auditoriums, equipment, and furniture.

Your child will be spending almost a decade of his or her life in the school, so it should thrive with positivity and safe environment. You also need to find out that school should not encourage beating, ragging, the humiliation of students due to strict punishment.

Make sure all the non-teaching employees are from an authorized agency, well trained and have a calm approach. 

Core values and the school philosophy

Every school work across a certain philosophy, its vision, and values that promise to stand by for a lifetime. When looking for schools in sector 57 Gurgaon, find out what is the motto of each school, do they really impart knowledge and nurture your kids with the vision and mission they follow. 

Most schools today believe in creating ‘global citizens’ who will understand the importance of giving back an innovative solution to the environment and society. 

Wish you all the best in you’re searching for the public school in gurgaon!