Bespoke suits and clothing - The Real and perfect fashion luxury

Dec 28 2017 by Tripti Chordia Category Fashion Views

Bespoke is a way of creating a suit from the ground up. It can take any forms, any shapes, any materials and is usually homemade. This article helps you to understand the benefits of bespoke clothing.

Bespoke clothing is custom made clothing, traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for the customer, and so differs from ready to wear, which is factory made in finished condition and standardised sizes, and from made to measure, which is produced to order from an adjusted block pattern. It is not a made to measure clothing, as featured by many good clothing vendors. A made to measure item is a standard one customized at the factory in certain measurements and details. Bespoke is made from scratch to your specifications.


What is bespoke?


Bespoke is a way of creating a suit from the ground up. It can take any forms, any shapes, any materials and is usually homemade.


The process begins with an initial discussion with the customers about their needs and specifications. After your measurements have been taken and shirt style selected, a pattern must be created from which your shirt will be first cut out of fabric, and then constructed. The pattern maker will create this pattern on light or semi-transparent paper. In some cases, the pattern is actually drawn freehand.The pattern is then placed on top of the shirting fabric you choose and will guide the cutter as they hand cut the individual pieces needed to construct your shirt. This pattern will remain on file, as long as you keep getting shirts made from them, and will be updated as you and your tailor perfect the fit of your shirt. Once you are happy with the fit of the shirt, the pattern can be “locked-in” and subsequent shirts can be made without additional changes.


Benefits of bespoke


    The major benefit of bespoke is the fit. It offers superior fit and it is very comfortable to customers.

    It is easier to adjust over time and it will be adjusted by someone that has served you before and is familiar with your body and your style.

    It also offers the opportunity to customize a truly individual garment , not just in shape but in detail, material and finishing.


Designing a bespoke shirt requires more time and patience than a made-to-measure suit. This is because you are not buying into any sort of model or prototype. The options are endless in bespoke, whereas a made to measure suit has limits on the adjustments available on some of the materials. Every part of the bespoke shirt is handmade by expert craftsman.