6 Key Points that every ICO Whitepaper should include-ICO Whitepaper necessary

Jul 11 2018 by Stanley Well Category Communication Views

ICOs continue to grow at a rapid speed allowing various Business sectors to take a paradigm shift in their industry and harness all the possible benefits that the ICO venture provides them.

Investors look into various information and research materials before linking themselves to an ICO venture. One of the main documents that they look for crucial information is the ICO Whitepaper. Also, potential investors can look up for investments risks, project’s legitimacy and scrutinize the whitepaper for other important information. Here are some of the important key points that every ICO whitepaper should possess.

#1 The Project Description

Each business has its own unique values and illustrations that they endeavor to provide their customers. A Whitepaper for a particular ICO should first attempt to provide information of what it aims to perform in the course of the fundraising venture. Describe the Project on a whole by just giving a gist, which more like an abstract of a research paper.

#2 The Company

It is necessary to provide an elaborate view of your company. Mention the foundation, specialization, industry expertise, awards and all other important credentials of the company. It is important to showcase your company in such as way that will help to gain the trust of potential investors. Of course, launching an ICO is all about winning the trust of your investors.

The issuer’s financial statements are given prime importance by investors when they look for an ICO. By just analyzing the company’s financial statements regarding the ICO, the investors will get to know the whole background of the project, its performance and benefits in the near future and is the company or the ICO is reliable and secure enough to make an investment.       

#3 The Problem and the proposed solution to it

State the problem that the company is planning to solve. Talk about the challenges faced by the Industry and how this ICO venture can make up for it with a successful ICO raise. Make your story interesting to investors giving them a chance to think and trust. Also, when you mention the problem, make sure to mention the industry specialists and partners involved in making the ICO venture successful. Provide a unique and dependable solution to the problem that you stated.

#4 The Product/Token

Make sure to describe your token clearly to your investors. Stress on the value and distribution of tokens. It is important to let your investors know if the quantities and economic features of the token. The token should adhere to certain rules such as ERC20 standard tokens, utility or security tokens. The facts regarding the security and legality of the token should be made known to the token holders. The whitepaper should also state the token sale and distribution clearly.

#5 The Roadmap

A roadmap is an organized plan implemented in the ICO venture that provides the date of the whole process of ICO. It contains stages, key points and statements regarding the development and financial aspects of the ICO.  The roadmap gives the investors a view of the time each stage of the ICO is developed and launched.

#6 The Team Members and Directors

Let your Whitepaper give the investors a sense of quality and reliability of the company’s management and the team of directors and partners behind the ICO venture. Make your whitepaper even more attractive and interesting by updating each team member’s photo and their business profile of expertise, experience, skills and other information.


The perfect choice of words, with innovative explanations and attractive visuals should be the prime focus of the drafting your whitepaper. Explain your story in such a way that it keeps your reader engaged and eager in investing in the ICO venture. The ICO whitepaper becomes the first impression in the mind of your impending investors. Therefore, to make your ICO Whitepaper attractive and perfect, it is better to hire a technical writer to do it for you. It may save you a lot of time and hours of tired research.

The Whitepaper will bring investors for ICO only if it impresses them. Hence, make sure to pen your idea perfectly. As a Blockchain and ICO Development and Marketing Company, our team of expert industry.