Common Challenges Experience During iPhone Application Development

Jun 11 2018 by Basavaraj Hoku Category Cell Phones Views

For every new application development in IOS, there will always new problems that will arise for iPhone application development companies. Following is the list of some common problems.

For every new application development in IOS, there will always new problems that will arise for iPhone application development companies. Although the whole process is a challenge, it is always exciting to create something new. The application developers meet a different level of difficulties along with the continuous development of operating system versions.

However, every problem has a solution, and the only thing to be done is to identify it well. So to help iPhone app development companies, here are some of the common problems that they encounter during IOS Application Development.

  • App Compatibility

Due to different versions of IOS, identifying which operating systems can support an application is very hard. iPhone application development service is a large platform that offers a wide range of products that are out on the market. So knowing if the application that you are working is compatible or not is essential. And to avoid this type of problem to occur, it requires a series of proper testing through different devices and platforms.

  • Storage Limitations

Any developed application always has its limitation. Although it is possible, creating such application will require a miracle to happen. Just like another operating system, Apple has its own limitation when it comes to the application storage. It must maintain a consistently used memory to perform well. This situation is quite challenging for IOS developers because Apple restricts extra files with their application.

  • Battery Consumption

This is a common problem with most smartphone users. They complain regarding their battery life, especially that almost all applications affect the battery consumption. And even if they like the application they won’t hesitate to uninstall files that will shorten their battery’s life. It is highly suggested that upon the development of the application, there must be an assurance that it will run smoothly in a low battery consumption for an improved outcome.

  • Network Speed

The speed of your Wi-Fi connection is not a problem that developers must consider. It is the performance of the application when it is connected to the internet. Some applications run only on online connection so it is important to pay attention to its streaming capability. The data consumed to run on the application needs to be optimized and tested properly.

  • App Store Approval

A lot of application are in line to get through the App Store on a regular basis. The Store has its own standards and instructions on how they choose what application to feature. Getting in does not guarantee you a spot in the store, your application can be rejected anytime if you fail with their requirements. So to reduce your chances to be kicked out, make sure to read the guide and create an iPhone apps development service that is in line with their regulation.

  • Application Security

Securing the application must be taken into consideration upon the IOS application development. Avoiding the hackers and protecting your data is important for security measurements. It is essential to follow security standards and it is the developer’s job to ensure that the application is safe or has its own security solution.

It is important to have a design that is user-friendly. Focus on the design to catch the user’s attention yet do not take for granted its features to be a smooth and easy interface. Use unique concepts with an innovative design that can be effectively attractive. Most users prefer an application that looks lively and run perfectly.

  • Navigation Board

Being able to navigate the application without reading too much on its instructions can gain more likes from users. It is usual to have a complicated navigational board at first. But as soon as you get familiarize, it should be easy to control. This can be very challenging for developers but should be worked on during the development.

  • API Strategy

Generating API Strategy is another problem that developers are encountering during the process. This is required to empower the application with more functions that is according to the requirements needed. Modification, creation, and evaluation of API obliges a unique approach. Developers must provide effective results.

  • Beta Testing

During the application process, iPhone development company must have an excellent approach with regards to the product and application testing. Beta testing recognizes the failures in the application. It follows the Apple standards of measurement to ensure the application’s place in the App Store.


If you are new iPhone application developer and you want to make sure that your application will be out on the market soon. You need to consider all the common problems you can encounter during the whole procedure. These challenges can be easily fixed and meet if handled earlier. Taking some advice from the experienced developers can also help you to be successful in the future.