Developing an Android Mobile Application Development - Trends to Follow

Oct 22 2018 by Daniel Carl Category Cell Phones Views

Android has become the next best mobile operating system to iOS. Undoubtedly, Apple iOS has enjoyed the patronage of elite class and top executives throughout the world.

Android has become the next best mobile operating system to iOS. Undoubtedly, Apple iOS has enjoyed the patronage of elite class and top executives throughout the World and still continues to do so. However, the persistent improvement of Android and the Google tag has made Android one of the fastest growing mobile OS. In fact, Android is the fastest developing platform and will out do all its competitors, according to an American market research & analysis company. The shift in mobile application development trend is quite apparent as increasing numbers of businesses Hire Android developer outsource development and establish team for it. In fact, impressive numbers of freelance developers have also entered the arena and making handsome profit with their talent.

Android is an open-source and free platform, unlike many other OS. It enjoys major advantage over its arch rival iOS from this perspective. Undoubtedly, Apple provides exclusive advantages to its users as its iOS is extremely user-centric and user-oriented as well as pro-profit. However, Android wins by numbers. The strategy seems simple. If respectable majority of smartphone users will use Android then even small percentage of profit will accumulate into huge revenue. Technology development firms throughout the World seem to have identified the trend and where it may tread in future. Android leads in the smartphone market-share by considerable margin. More number of users means greater diversity in require applications. Undoubtedly, one mobile app development company or a handful of such companies cannot meet the demand. In other words, there is great earning potential for even small development firms as well as individual developers.

Outsourcing continues to be the dominating trend in case of Android app development companies that need applications for their own business or to be used by their employees as well as firms that develop mobile applications for revenue generation look to outsource. The benefits of outsourcing are not exclusive to mobile application development but in other sectors too. Several technology companies focus only on their core operations while outsource service and additional operations to developing countries. India has become the global capital for outsourcing in various business sectors including Information Technology. The Indian economy is growing. So, talent is less costly there than in developed country.

As of now, it will not be incorrect to mention outsourcing and Android development have become best friends. Android application development projects are being outsourced more and more not only because it is the trend in the market. Both big and small firms find it more economical than spending on in-house projects. The trend has also set the ground in developing countries as outsourced service providers are increasing in number. Thus, competition makes the process even more feasible as well as ensures that there is sufficient and efficient resource available in the market for timely completion of a project.