Who are the best iOS or iPhone application developers in USA?

Jul 06 2018 by Peter Jolie Category Cell Phones Views

A digital technology company based out of Singapore and the USA, Hoku Apps provide impeccable solutions to help companies enter new markets with apps having top-notch features.

With the rapidly evolving mobile and web technologies across the world, there is an urgent need to respond to it with the requisite skill. Developers having domain knowledge that can successfully help in building and deploy apps for organizations are not plenty. Many claim to hold expertise, but the actual scenario is quite different. While you are in your search for the kinds of iPhone app developers around, you would be struggling with the obvious question - ‘who to choose?’ But a background research on their experience helps in this regard. Make sure to pay adequate attention in studying the apps built in the past while doing your research on a company. This would give you a more or less clear understanding of their capabilities.

There are a few companies that are more reputed than others.  Here is a look at some of the best developers in the USA.  

1. Y Media Labs

Founded in 2009, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Indianapolis and Atlanta, Y Media Labs is at the forefront when it comes to building apps that push boundaries. With the aim to help their clients with all aspects of development, they offer their expertise in digital strategy, design and prototyping and technology. 

2. MentorMate

With seven offices spread across USA, Sweden, and Bulgaria, this company started at the hands of CEO Bjorn Stansvik who believed that the correct app could teach students foreign languages quicker. His co-founder Dimitar Dobrev from Bulgaria’s programming expertise helped make the company a reality. With a strong team of designers, developers and strategists, MentorMate believes in approaching each project with a keen eye towards technical efficiency, scope and user experience. 

3. Sunflower Lab

With offices in Columbus, Ohio and Somerset, New Jersey, Sunflower Lab is where business, technology and innovation meet. Claiming to be experts in Cloud technologies, they aim to deliver high-quality products to their clients by offering systems integration, managed services and mobile and web development. 

4. Snapmobile

Located in the heart of Chicago’s tech industry, Snapmobile offers development services and support for applications. They offer four key iOS app development services which include strategy, prototyping, development, and maintenance.

5. HokuApps

A digital technology company based out of Singapore and the USA, Hoku Apps provide impeccable solutions to help companies enter new markets with apps having top-notch features. This not only stabilizes a company’s reputation in the industry but also promotes growth increases revenue by reaching out to potential customers and enhances user experience through improved products and services.  

6. Blue Label Labs

Headquartered in New York, Blue Label Labs fulfills the development, marketing and design needs of their clients. With a relatively extensive portfolio of work, the company has a specific approach to their work which is to listen and brainstorm along with the client, design, develop and test, do some marketing and PR, launch the final product and provide maintenance and support.

7. Codiant Software Technologies

Established in 2010 with offices in the US, UK, and India, Codiant is the answer to all your development needs whether it is web application development, e-commerce web development or building mobile apps. Highly skilled developers and designers will work with you to deliver an excellent user experience and outstanding results.

8. Matellio

Located in San Jose, California, this software and design development company covers your mobile and web development needs. Using the latest in technology ranging from custom-built to open source, a team of over 150 developers and designers provide up to date solutions for your business needs.