Feel Singapore visa process is pain inducing? Why not apply online!

Jan 08 2019 by deepali bagve Category Travel Tips Views

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The Singapore visa could be the only thing standing between you and your pre-planned Singapore vacation you’ve been daydreaming about! And we get it; no one wants to follow tedious documentation process and a visit to the embassy to apply for the visa. But unfortunately, Singapore isn’t in a list of countries where you’ll get a visa on arrival, you got to use a tourist or business visa.

The online Singapore visa process is easy to follow and more convenient compared to the conventional application methods. In simple words, you just have to pick a visa type, upload required documents, and soon receive the visa. Following points will further explain the online process briefly, just go through and choose a mode to get the visa.

Pick a visa plan!

You can start the online visa application by choosing a visa plan as per the days you planned to stay in Singapore. While choosing a tourist Singapore visa plan make sure to check out the validity and the stay period mentioned as per your vacation plans. The processing time it takes for the most type of online visa plans will be around 3-4 working days but it would be wise to book your visa at least a week prior to the planned vacation. This would save you from the last minute panic attack! As despite following an online method, the visa process is still the same and it is subject to get rejected if documentation isn’t proper as per the norms.

Pay for the process:

Since it is an online process, you have to pay for the Singapore visa through online payment methods! Most online visa providers accept payments via credit or debit cards or even online fund transfer. It is a good thing that online service providers follow a security protocol that assures the end user a protection that no third would possibly intercept the transaction of funds or information between you and the visa provider. Such online security protection programs encrypt the transaction from point A to B. But as a measure of precaution, it is better to use incognito mode or clear the browsing history as soon as you are done paying visa provider.

The document submission:

The online visa application process is indeed a boon for those who just hate the following paperwork process of any kind. Although the list of documents to be submitted will be the same but you don’t have to leave your house to apply for the Singapore Tourist Visa. Following is the list of documents you will be asked by the online visa provider to upload.

  • A valid Original Passport for at least 6 months and minimum 3 pages left blank
  • The visa Application form
  • 2 recent color photographs with the white background
  • Personal Covering letter
  • Original Bank Statement which mentions bank record of last 6 months
  • A confirmed return flight tickets

Hotel reservations.

The visa provider might ask you to upload other documents as per your occupation and why are visiting Singapore. Don’t forget to scan and store all the documents asked in one folder on your computer or phone ready before you follow the online process.


As you upload the documents and conclude the online visa process, the visa provider will then send your application to the embassy for the further proceedings. Soon your Singapore visa will be mailed to your inbox, that’s it!